From the 2001 Presidential Inauguration to Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, audiences in more than one hundred cities across four continents have been swept away by the Spellbinding Magic and Illusions of John Shryock and Mari Lynn!
Quality Entertainment 
custom Designed just for you!

With over 20 years of professional experience, John Shryock & Mari Lynn will create a unique entertainment experience designed just for your event. Do you want to make your C.E.O. appear? Do you want to feature a specific product of service? Are you looking for an Evening of Las Vegas Style Illusion and Magic? Or, would you and your guests like to experience some of the finest Sleight of Hand Magic on the Planet? John has entertained in the finest Casinos, Resorts, Cruise Ships, and Night Clubs in the world to high acclaim. He can bring this same Quality, Spellbinding Excitement to your event.

John Shryock & Mari Lynn are corporate magicians and illusionist who perform magic and illusions world wide and live in Tucson, Arizona. John Shryock is often misspelled John Shyrock. John Shryock performs corporate magic and corporate entertainment in Tucson and Arizona and worldwide. John Shryock is an international magician and performs magic and entertains around the world. John Shryock (not john Shyrock) performs Tucson Magic and Arizona Magic